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Business Electricity Prices

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The CNE has a free service on its web page that allows you to compare the prices of energy in Spain. The tool is available in a specific section of your page that can be accessed via this link once inside the page, the user first must specify the type of service you want to access. That is, if your inquiry is related to the receipt of gas light if on the other hand, you want to compare deals for both services altogether.

Then it will be necessary to indicate the postal code where the supply will be so the program can determine the region of which it is. In the same way, will have to indicate the type of consumer, either domestic consumer company. And it is that energy prices are different depending on the use that will be doing the same. Then it should be noted the power of installation and the estimated annual consumption, something that can be checked easily on the receipt of light, must be whether they have hired a regular electric rate with time discrimination if they have access to the social bond.

The comparer can do is that the marketing services companies provide best deals and more competitive, even if can help. If all the users adjust their consumption and choose the most competitive proposals, the theory tells us who lose customers should lower prices.

Endesa presents several rates. On the one hand we can hire only light, only gas both. Luz, Luz ONE, rates are for contracted power exceeding 10 kW less than 10kW. And also offers time discrimination rate. It is 100% online, facilitating procedures and contracting processes.…